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Watashi wa Gotsugou Shugi na Kaiketsu Tantou no Oujo de Aru


Authors: Kazusa Yoneda, Mamechoro

Genres: Comedy, Eligible Titles for You Should Read This, Fantasy, Romance,

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Published: 2019-11-22

MAL Data

Rank: 14133

Popularity: 11135

Scores: 6.61 by 313 users

Read Watashi wa Gotsugou Shugi na Kaiketsu Tantou no Oujo de Aru for free on KunManga. In her previous life, Octavia was a high school student fujoshi obsessed with the novel The Noble King, which took place in a world where homosexuality was the norm. Reborn into said novel, she is now the sole princess of Esfia, a supporting character who makes up for the fact that the main couple—Crown Prince Sirius and Baron's son Syl—cannot bear children. In short, her only purpose is to give birth to an heir. Despite being their biggest fan, Octavia does not want to waste her life away as a breeding tool. No, she will take hold of her own fate! She has always wanted her own love story, but there is a slight wrench in her plans: she can't find any straight men. Even if her escort knight, Klifford Alderton, is quite attractive, he's probably also gay... Unless? [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Princess Octavia was a high school girl until she was reincarnated into her beloved BL novel's world. The fact that she's able to see her brother, the main character, and his lover so closely is a good thing, but both of them are male. If so, won't there be trouble with future heirs?! There's no way they'll make her take a political marriage to offer them a child, right?! I don't want to be a character who's taken advantage of like that! If this is how it would be, I will surely find my own partner to be happy.....!!!