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Tensei Goblin dakedo Shitsumon Aru?


Authors: Nazuna Miki, Tsukasa Araki

Genres: Eligible Titles for You Should Read This, Fantasy, Seinen,

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

Updated: Jan 07, 2024

Published: 2020-02-26

MAL Data

Rank: 11465

Popularity: 5550

Scores: 6.81 by 1023 users

Read Tensei Goblin dakedo Shitsumon Aru? for free on KunManga. Office worker Akira Yagami's altruistic nature usually gets him the short end of the stick. When he dies after saving a kid from oncoming traffic...he reincarnates in another world as a goblin?! Normally, goblins only live for seven days, but Akira's newfound powers let him defy the species' normal life span...and are the key to his path to becoming the strongest goblin ever! (Source: Yen Press)

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"An ordinary office worker should have died in a traffic accident, but when he awoke he became a goblin. Goblins have a lifespan of only seven days. However, the hero who has been given the skill ""Human 80 years"" takes advantage of his longevity and takes over the skills of many goblins and even the demon king who is on the verge of destined life, and stands out in a different world. Weakest Race x Strongest Skill = The strongest fantasy is incomparable!"