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Sugiru Juunana no Haru


Authors: Fuyumi Ono, Kotetsuko Yamamoto

Genres: Horror, Josei, Mystery,

Status: Completed

Type: Manga

Updated: Oct 26, 2014

Published: 2007-11-24 2008-10-24

MAL Data

Rank: 2881

Popularity: 5527

Scores: 7.5 by 1573 users

Read Sugiru Juunana no Haru for free on KunManga. Just like every spring and summer, Naoki and his sister Noriko are visiting their aunt Mikiko and cousin Takashi in the countryside in the spring of Naoki's 17th birthday. With its courtyard full of various flowers alongside its kind residents, the family home is, in the siblings' minds, an idyllic utopia. Naoki and Noriko's fantasies soon begin to crumble as tragedy brews around them. The gentle and kind Takashi, as if having turned into an entirely different person, becomes increasingly cruel and indifferent to his surroundings. As her son continues to spiral downward, Mikiko's anxieties take a turn for the worse. Amid this dire situation, Naoki tries to delve deeper into his family's dark and tragic past, hoping to find the reason behind Takashi's sudden change and prevent a catastrophe from taking place. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Takashi is haunted at night by visions of a woman begging for her child not to be taken away. He sometimes sees strange shadows outside his window, but tries his best to simply ignore them. As his seventeenth birthday approaches, the shadow becomes more and more clear, and the vision more vivid. Slowly, the once kind and caring Takashi becomes indifferent, and eventually cold and biting towards everyone around him. What does this sudden change in attitude have to do with his seventeenth birthday?