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Marielle Clarac no Konyaku


Authors: Tomoko Mitani, Haruka Momo

Genres: Comedy, Eligible Titles for You Should Read This, Josei, Romance,

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Published: 2018-09-28

MAL Data

Rank: 11857

Popularity: 10739

Scores: 6.78 by 354 users

Read Marielle Clarac no Konyaku for free on KunManga. Fairy tales and the elegant princes in them have fascinated Marielle Clarac since childhood, but deep down, she knows that sort of "happily ever after" does not exist for an overwhelmingly normal girl like herself. A wallflower her whole life, she has contented herself with observing others and writing her own novels about court life under a pen name. Marielle's drab outer appearance belies a creative mind, and as a result, these stories have achieved great success. So it is no wonder that, when she gets engaged to the princely knight Simeon Flaubert, Marielle's creative juices start overflowing. Under normal circumstances, the most sought-after bachelor would not be asking for her hand; even so, Marielle resolves to give it her best shot. No matter how this engagement turns out, she will use this experience as fuel to set alight both her pen and her life! [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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As a plain, unassuming noble’s daughter, Marielle doesn’t stand out in high society. Imagine her surprise when she receives a marriage proposal from the sought-after Simeon, second-in-command of the Royal Order of Knights! Simeon, the heir to an earldom, is highly accomplished in scholarly and military arts—and he’s gorgeous. So why did he propose to such an unremarkable noblewoman? Despite being a target of envy and scorn, Marielle is happy. After all, Simeon seems to be exactly her type: a dashingly handsome man with glasses who appears gentle on the outside, but who has a dark and scheming side! Welcome to Marielle’s world, where people aren’t always what they seem—and a prim, proper exterior can hide the heart of a sly and devious fangirl! (Source: J-novel club)