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Isekai ni Tobasareta Ossan wa Doko e Iku?


Authors: Ci Garette, Masahiro Hirabuki

Genres: Action, Eligible Titles for You Should Read This, Fantasy,

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

Updated: Dec 08, 2023

Published: 2017-12-14

MAL Data

Rank: 17674

Popularity: 4087

Scores: 6.16 by 1262 users

Read Isekai ni Tobasareta Ossan wa Doko e Iku? for free on KunManga. Takuma Sato (35, single) is a guy with a normal office job. He wakes up to find himself in another world, Verdmir. He is bewildered and troubled by the tyrannical aristocrats and wealthy merchants, but still finds time to enjoy having a wolf puppy as a pet and being able to shop online thanks to the goddess; enjoy the simple things in his new life. So, where is this new life of his going to lead him to? (Source: AlphaPolis)

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A man gets sucked inside a dimensional crack and falls into another world. The goddess of that world meets the protagonist and awards him divine protection and some items to survive, which includes access to the Internet. After the protagonist sees that the place was way too lawless, he uses his abilities to fix that.